Edutainment as a possible facilitator for Iranian social development 

The social development and economic flourishing of a society depends on its capability of planning and the level of success in implementing those plans. Since today’s children will be tomorrow’s planners and decision makers, it is our duty to educate a capable young generation in whose hands lay the prosperity of our future society. i
To accomplish this
mission, a community of highly motivated volunteers established the “Asemaan Group” to conceptualize and institute new methods to provide Iranian children with some of the most decisive but unfortunately un-emphasized skills such as systems thinking,
team work and life skills, through edutainment.  i
Following a nine-year history, “Asemaan”, presently a research center in
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, is involved in the project ofbringing systems thinking to Iranian schools through games and stories”. Currently, numerous volunteers including university students/alumni, school teachers, university professors and a number of professional organizations help Asemaan in developing the educational games and stories. After several revisions and corrections, the systems thinking educational packagehas been implemented in a number of schools in Tehran and it will be offered to all interested schools in Iran by the year 2012.  i
‘Asemaan Group’ belongs to all those who aspire to support the educational systems as a way of facilitating social development. We would highly appreciate
your supports and among others, your suggestions, ideas, and criticisms in order to improve our system.  i

If you are interested to know about Asemaan Group, please browse this website (for a comprehensive introduction) or read a catalogue and/or watch the following introductory video (for a brief introduction).  i

* In Persian, Asemaan means SKY