Prospect Projects

In the beginning of Asemaan second stage during its life-cycle, in 2007, based on the previous six years of experience, several projects were proposed in order to accomplish our mission, and to be undertaken as Asemaan's first step towards its professional activities:
     - Bringing ‘life skills’ to Iranian schools through (playing) theater and (watching/discussing) movies
       (7-to-12 year old)
     - Bringing ‘systems thinking’ to Iranian schools through games and stories (10-to-12 year old)
     - Collaboration with other NGOs in feasibility studies and benchmarking about science and technology parks 
       (12-to-15 year old)
     - ‘Introduction to economics’ for high schools students (14-to-17 year old)
     - ‘Let’s Learn Personal Accountancy’ (a game for 15-to-18 year old youth) 

Different study groups of graduate student started gathering related information/documents and studying them.  At that time organizational structure was in entrepreneurial stage and according to a consensus among all Asemaan members we decided to hold other projects and focus on only one professional project at a time in order to better develop Asemaan's executive methods, organization, procedures, research framework and partnerships. In this way we could transfer our organization to the next stage in its organizational life-cycle, make a network to the experts of related fields and focusing on other projects more efficiently in future. 

“Thinking skills” is proposed as a basic learning need for all young people, for instance in life skills and ‘21th century skills’; also ‘systems thinking’ empowers people to become better problem solvers, decision-makers and planners. Therefore, we found it a good facilitator of Asemaan’s mission; and among all projects "Bringing Systems Thinking to Schools through Games and Stories" was adopted to be the only Asemaan project at the time. 

Currently, in addition to the systems thinking project, we are involved in the developing the edutainment package of ‘life skills’. We are currently at the feasibility studies of this project and making essential networks with professional organization. We will focus on the research stage of this project from 2012 to 2015 as well.  i