Research Progress

In order to perform the project of “bringing systems thinking to Iranian schools through games and stories”, we have had four research stages so far, in the years 2007-to-2010. These activities were in the form of group studies of volunteers and performing number of thesis in the “Graduate School of Management and Economy of Sharif University of Technology”. The result was exceptional documents such as:
     1. Asemaan package for introducing systems thinking to volunteers and teachers including an original 
         hand-note and a series of interactive workshops
     2. Series of comprehensive educational games and stories packages including the game or story, instruction
        of how to apply it in a class, and all essential tools
     3. And a set of policies and plans for motivating school administrators and parents to join us in this education. i

In the 2009-2010 school year, we had a pilot implementation in three schools. Our sample includes 250 students at the age 10-12 who belong to the similar social-economy class and possess comparable IQ. We revised the first version based on feedbacks of teachers, students, parents, entertainment and systems thinking experts and Asemaan members. We intend to do the same for a more in-depth and more valid evaluation again in the 2010-2011 school year. i