Why this project

Why we chose “bringing systems thinking to Iranian Schools through games and stories” as Asemaan's first step towards its professional activities?

In order to address the importance of the current project, several issues should be considered: the reason of choosing ‘systems thinking’ as the first educational content, the reason of focusing on only one project and the reasons of selecting specific method and audience of the project.  i

Why systems thinking?
Systems thinking, if we want to introduce it very briefly, is an approach to problem solving considering every single problem (at individual, organizational or even social level) as a consequence of a whole system and dynamic interactions 
of different parts of the whole system and consequently deal with the whole system for developing the solution rather than viewing and reacting to just few specific parts. A person requires a series of skills and should be familiar with 
number of concepts in order to be a systems thinker such as skills of considering the systems as a whole, system as the cause, dynamic thinking and concepts like stock and fellow variables, causal loops and delay in a system. This approach empowers people to become better problem solvers, decision-makers and planners; therefore, it can be a good facilitator of improving team, organizational and social performance; moreoever, “Thinking skills” is proposed as a basic learning need for all young people, for instance in ‘life skills’ and 21th century skills’. Thus, we found 'systems thinking' a good facilitator of  Asemaan’s mission
If you are interested in knowing more about this subject, an introduction to systems thinking is available in our website. This is a link to the introduction to systems thinking by Asemaan Group. i

Why focusing on just one project?
Besides the importance of systems thinking, another reason for undertaking this project was the desire to focus on only one professional project at a time in order to better develop Asemaan's executive methods, organization, procedures, research framework and partnerships. Focusing on this project can help Asemaan to transfer from its entrepreneurial stage to the growth stage of its organizational lifecycle.   i

Why elementary schools?
‘Systems thinking’ is a skill that enables people to become better planners in both their personal and social lives. Similar to many other skills, it is more effective, if learned during childhood years. i

Why systems thinking through games and stories?
This is the general policy of Asemaan to provide a combination of education and entertainment, edutainment. Because of the fact that games, stories and any kind of entertainment is one of the most effective ways of interaction with children.