Infrastructures of STEP

The infrastructure of bringing systems thinking to Iranian schools
The process, structure and let’s say the whole system of bringing systems thinking to Iranian Schools needs a proper interaction with other systems of which a child is a part; These systems are the family, in-school interactions, other courses and social interactions. Therefore, we have planned to reinforce each of these interactions by defining several theses in the Graduate School of Management and Economics in Sharif University of Technology and by developing a series of policies and programs for each item. i   

In order to empower the children education in their relationship with parents, Asemaan Group developed a series of policies and programs:
        - Number of Parent-Teacher-Interviews of each school is assign to Asemaan educational package to inform 
          parents about this new topic and ask them what to do and what not to do in order to support our education.
        - Currently we are in the process of developing a ‘multimedia CD for parents’ which will simply introduce the 
          concept of systems thinking and explain the goals of our project and what should they do in home to support us.
        - Highly motivated parents can even join Asemaan Group and participate in our educational workshops. 

Our policies and programs for making an appropriate interaction with schools include:
        - All of our services for every single school is free of charge based on Asemaan core values
        - There is a closed interaction with school administration
        - There is a series of workshop about the concept of systems thinking for interested teachers
        - We are currently working on identifying the systems thinking concepts in topics and details of other
          courses of students through a close collaboration with school teachers and this package will be ready 
          by the year 2012. 

The other main policy of Asemaan is to empower school teachers to first become familiar with systems thinking and then educate it properly through their own topics. 

Social life
In order to address students’ social interaction in our educational package, we ask students to write about their previous experiences and observations as their assignments.
Now we will watch a 10-minute video report about Asemaan Group activities to have a brief review of Asemaan and its output. Then I will explain the main potentials, challenges and possible ways of supporting Asemaan.  i