Process of STEP

The process of bringing systems thinking to Iranian schools

The process of Systems Thinking Edutainment Package (STEP) starts with coordinating the schools in each summer and continues during the academic year by holding game and story sessions, presented as the "systems thinking course". In spring, teachers, students, and the school principals, provide us with their feedback on the STEP in order to be improved through the next version.

This process is an ongoing process and starts every summer with modification of the available version of educational package and essential planning and coordination with school administrators to add systems thinking as a course into students’ schedule.

At September
At each September, there are kick-off sessions for warm-up and getting friend with children and performing the pre-test.  i

In the fall and winter (games and stories sessions)
In the fall and winter of each year there are sessions of games and stories as the systems thinking course. Stories sessions include three sections:
     • First, the students watch an animation cartoon,
     • After that, they talk about the main problem of the story and try to find out the structure which
       generates that problem and portray that structure with game cards
     • At the end, they discuss about the same problem and the same structure in their previous observations
       in stories, movies, and personal experiences. 

Game sessions is almost the same, they play a group game at first and then talk about the main concepts which result in winning or losing the game (these concepts are systems thinking/system dynamics concepts such as stock fellow and delay).  i

In the spring
In each spring there will be a comprehensive evaluation and feedback analysis about the educational package from different points of view such as educational effectiveness, attractiveness for children and executive procedures based on students, teachers, parents, experts and Asemaan educators.  i

In the summer
We spend all the summer for redesigning our educational contents and also coordinating with former and/or new partner-schools to prepare them for implementing the whole process in the next school year.  i

The long-term process of inviting our audience to become Asemaan members

In addition to this four-stage process, there will be a long-term process as well in order to increase human asset of Asemaan Group.  i

Each year in summer we have some programs for children who had the systems thinking class at grade 5 or 6 in order to ask about outcomes of what they have learned and have a short workshop for reminding what they have learn.
Moreover, we take a photo of all students of each class and we will give this photo to their parents to present it 6 years after: when the student will be going to start their undergraduate program at university. There will be a letter from Asemaan, its goals and mission and an invitation to join us in providing the same education for younger children.
This process needs number of elements and a structure to be implemented.