Outcome for schools: STEP

What has been the output of all these efforts for Iranian schools and Iranian children? 

The output of Asemaan activities during the past three years (2007-2010) is the “systems thinking edutainment package” (S.T.E.P.). 

If we consider the systems thinking educational package as a system, this system will be implemented in schools through a process, this process needs some elements or a structure to be implemented and all this new systems should interact properly with other systems of which a child is a part; including: family, school, and their social life. This section will delve into these three parts:
     - Process of STEP
     - Structure of STEP
     - Infrastructures of STEP

In this section we demonstrate a brief description of STEP educational system including the process; educational games and stories; and policies for making a proper interaction with family and schools. Also, a brief introduction to the thinking system is available; you can easily read it online on our website or download it

Since Asemaan Group believes in “open-source projects” in performing research activities, more in-depth description and supplementary information will be provided for those who are interested in order to have the benefit of their comment, idea and feedback on the available content.
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