Organization   (Who we are / Organization) i

Since Asemaan activities include a variety of interdisciplinary tasks, different organizational groups are in charge of research and/or executive activities. According to the last revision of Asemaan organizational chart (proposed to steering committee on September 2010 and subject to change), there are four different types of organizational teams.

The first category is in charge of leading and administrating the whole system of “Asemaan Group”:   i 
     - Board (including: Steering Committee; Professional consultant; Supervisor)
     - Director-General
     - Executive Manager 

The Second category includes all the staff units:
     - Planning and control
     - Public relations
     - Online Office
     - Financial Management 

The third category includes study groups working on developing the educational content and methods:
     - Research Method
     - Games and Stories
     - Systems thinking
     - Life Skills

The forth category is in charge of making proper interaction with our audience including students, teachers, school administration and families:
     - Social Marketing
     - School Affairs
     - Training of Teachers