Future Plans

Where to go from here?  (Asemaan in 2011-2020)

In order to perform a more in-depth evaluation, we are going to increase the number of pilot schools to 6 and implement, evaluate and analysis the revised educational package in the coming school year to finalize it by the year 2012.
After the year 2012, we are going to implement the systems thinking educational package in the schools of Tehran and starting from 2016 we will promote it in five other Iranian provinces. As the ultimate goal of Asemaan Group, the idea is to attract all Iranian schools or at least as many as possible. 
In addition to the systems thinking project, we are involved in the developing of the edutainment package of ‘life skills’. We are currently assessing the possibility and the prospect of the project, and from 2012 to 2015 we will focus on the research stage of that project as well.