Phase one: Formation stage 

In spring of 2001, the mission was finalized and Asemaan Group was founded to accomplish this mission. During the first six years, we focused on research studies in different fields and performing some limited-scope projects in order to find proper methods of education and important topics to address.
At the first step, this organization was a group of only 10-to-15 motivated members. Basic actions were taken in order to familiarize members with the issue and also, to determine major group orientations such as:  i
        • Study and Discuss about how to deal with the "education" issue amongst children
        • Realizing educational activities in schools and criticizing them, using the help of teachersand experts
        • Benchmarking extracurricular activities in other countries
        • Trying to find the best and the most appropriate educational methods and mechanisms
        • Consulting with education experts in hopes to determine the most important grounds for improvement

More information about the formation stage is available here. i

Phase two: Developing output and organization

After that, in the year 2007, we decided to start the first professional project, our current project and transform from the formation stage to the development stage of Asemaan Group.
As the first step of the project of bringing systems thinking to Iranian schools through games and stories, we focused on reviewing the available literature of the field and benchmarking the similar educational projects. In order to better perform these activities and as the first milestone we established the systems thinking research center of Sharif University. We spend a lot on developing a proper method through numerous group studies and defining graduate theses at Sharif Graduate School of Management and Economic. Since 2007, four graduate theses have been done and two more are in the process.
Fortunately one year after, we had the second milestone. At the year 2008, Mossalanejad cultural foundation was persuaded to cover all expenditures of the first stage and dedicate about 75000 dollars to Asemaan Group. Asemaan members developed the first prototype of systems thinking educational package by the year 2009 and this package was implemented in three schools in Tehran in which 250 students participated in our pilot implementation.