Mission and Core Values

Asemaan Mission

The social development of a society depends on the quality of decision making and the performance of different groups/organizations of that society; thus, certain individual skills, which improve the efficiency and effectiveness of groups/organizations, are facilitators of the social development. Therefore, in order to provide future decision-makers and managers with essential individual skills (such as systems thinking, life skills, and team work), Asemaan Group was founded to accomplish the mission of: 

          “Providing Iranian children with some of the most decisive but unfortunately 
            less-emphasized skills through edutainment in order to improve the contents
           of Iranian educational systems” i


Asemaan Core Values

According to all members’ consensus, Asemaan Group has had four pillars of core values since it was established; this four-pillar statement should be considered in developing and implementing all plans, programs and outcomes: i

     • This organization has always been -and will be- completely independent.
     • All these efforts and activities are voluntary and absolutely non-profit.
     • All Asemaan services/products aim to address vital educational needs and all related 
       fields of study should be entirely led by the best experts of each discipline.
     • Any kind of feedback and critique is absolutely welcome in Asemaan Group; there is a 
       culture of feedback among all members and between Asemaan and its audience.
     • All Asemaan members respect organizational disciplines and –at the same time- 
       organizational engagement. 
     • There will be no national promotion until the time that three perfect outcomes will 
       be elaborated. i