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Is it worth joining Asemaan Group? 

By reviewing the ‘who we are’; ‘what we do’ sections; or watching and/or reading the brief introduction to Asemaan Group, you may have a general portray about Asemaan and its output. If you are interested in our mission and programs, you may ask: “Is it worth supporting such an organization?”
We believe that there are unique potentials in this association such as:
     - Possessing a highly motivated human asset. A number of Asemaan members have decided to switch
       their career to the related fields such as: educational studies, systems thinking and NPO management.
     - Possessing a wide range of disciplines including: systems thinking, children psychology, education, 
       management, children entertainment,
     - Original and unique products such as Introduction to systems thinking in comparison to similar documents
     - A network to numbers of Iranian famous artists, writers, directors and experts in the field of children
       educational and entertainment products. 

Although there are unique potential in this organization, there is a number of serious challenges as well. For example:
     - We do need sufficient feedback from different points of view to modify and validate our output.
     - We do need close academic collaboration with international universities and educational institutions
       in order to access to up-to-date knowledge in addition to have their feedback
     - We need more financial support for the next steps of the project

What are the most important ways of supporting Asemaan Group?

There are potentials and, at the same time, there are serious challenges, now the question is: what are the most constructive methods of supporting this organization to address the mentioned challenges and actualize those potentials? 
        1- Critical review, suggestions and ideas
        2- Partnership and joint research projects

If you are interested in these types of supporting Asemaan, please find the details in what follows or contact usi

What are all the possible ways of joining/supporting Asemaan Group?  i

1- Critical Review; Suggestions and Ideas

The first and most important way of supporting Asemaan Group is definitely to provide us with your feedback, to critique us and help us to validate our findings. We are going to present them to Iranian children and they are very critical responsibility.  You may be interested in one of the following ways of joining Asemaan in this regard: 
        - Review and criticize our methodology 
        - Review and criticize our Current output 
        - Suggest appropriate educational games and stories
        - Suggest new ideas as the potential future projects of Asemaan 
        - Suggest us useful documents/related organizations

If you are interested in reviewing either our methodology, or current output, you are always welcome to contact us. We will send you related document to review that interactively, and to benefits of your ideas, knowledge and experience.   i

2- Partnership and joint research projects
Because of our core values, and vision for 2020, designing projects from a scientific point of view and conducting world-class research is absolutely critical for Asemaan Group. Therefore, undertaking joint research projects with prestigious scientists/organizations has always been a top priority. There are numerous organizations and universities conducting similar research projects and sharing our experience/knowledge can be valuable for both Asemaan Group and our respectful partners. Some of the current Asemaan interests for carrying out joint research are: 
        - Developing a method for evaluating systems thinking skills
        - Comparative studies about bringing systems thinking to schools through games and stories 
        - Developing a social marketing model for promoting alternative-schooling projects among
          parents and schools 
        - Developing a customized edutainment content for -any of- ‘life skills’ topics for Persian speakers

We really appreciate any possible way/idea of conducting a joint research project; you are always welcome to contact us in this regard.   i


3- Academic and financial support of Asemaan graduate students
There are a few research projects which focus on the specific topic of Iran in related fields of study such as education at the prestigious international universities. Moreover, there is a growing demand to such fields of studies among brilliant graduate students who work with Asemaan Group. Therefore, providing academic support for these students in order to focus on specific topics related to Asemaan mission may facilitate accessing to up-to-date knowledge in long run. 

If you are interested in this type of supporting Asemaan Group we could provide you with the profile of our brilliant members who are planning for continue their education in related fields; you are always welcome to contact us in this regard.   i

4- Participate in our current activities
Another common type of joining Asemaan Group is participating in our current activities. There is a variety of available tasks for those who are interested in engaging in Asemaan activities. The following list is a general description about possible way of participating in such activities. If your mother tongue is Persian we suggest you visit the Persian section of our website. 
        - Benchmarking from your observations of the most successful educational systems
        - Share your related knowledge/experience 
        - Translation from Persian to English (for people who knows Farsi and English well) 
        - Participate in current research groups 
        - Proof reading and editing our English content

If you are interested in this type of collaboration we could provide you with the detailed list of available tasks at the moment and a contact person for more coordination; you are always welcome to contact us in this regard.     i